Tina Winograd Editor and Ghostwriter

Tina Winograd

A freelance literary editor since 2013, Tina has worked with scores of authors—agented and independent—edited hundreds of books, and ghostwritten dozens of stories.

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As a child, Tina spent most of her time reading. By sixth grade, she’d read most of her elementary school’s library and all the bookmobile books her mother would let her read.

Tina wrote her first award winning novella at age eleven. She was proud of the First-Place blue ribbon despite the fact she was the only one to enter the writing contest.

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After a twenty-four-year hiatus, pencil in hand, she began writing her next story by candlelight. Mainly because Hurricane Ike had knocked out the power in Houston for five days. With no TV, computer, or cell phone, and the town on lock-down, what else was there to do?

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At that point Tina wanted to know the secret to writing a bestseller. She spent the next several years researching writing sites, studying gazillions of online articles, taking dozens of online courses, attending loads of writing workshops and seminars, and joined critique groups.

One fateful day she did a review for a published author and they asked if she would edit a current work in progress…for money. At that moment, her mission changed from writing her own stories to sharing knowledge to help others improve their craft skills. And she's been editing ever since.
Tina, husband Robert, and furry children Maq and Cheese live in Texas.

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